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</center> My reasons why this game tops other rockstar games;

  • amazing storyline that doesnt end quickly, but is just the right length.
  • the best multiplayer compared to any other game on this planet.
  • great characters, that get represented in so many different ways, making you connect with them. An example is that when Luisa died, a part of me died :(
  • awesome map, with all the right features, that dont get overworked, like the train tracks, animals that behave realisticaly, and the 'random encounters' that make the game unpredictable and give the player more of a chance to chose between good and evil.
  • online interactions, sounds a bit weird, but what I mean is that that through RDR the way that you can interact with other online players is great, ive met someone that ive know for years over RDR and weve never even spoken through a mic, just spoken through how our characters behave.

so yeah, to me thats what makes this game the best rockstar game, but what do you think. if you notice anything ive left out about how great RDR is then please say, if you disagree say aswell, cause this is a game im more than willing to defend :)I don't know how to make a cool signature :( 18:28, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

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