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    Hello readers, this was an interview I found between IGN and Hamish Brown whos the head of PR at rockstar UK. He talks about GTA IV. Now the reason im posting this blog is cause a friend told me that half of whats said is untrue, as I've only played GTA IV breifley once I dont know much about the questions asked, so I was wondering if someone who has played it could shed some light. Heres the interview;

    IGN: We saw Niko walking into a random building and there were no load times. Surely you won't be able walk inside every building…

    Hamish Brown: It's physically impossible to create the inside of every building, plus that would be incredibly confusing for the player. So while there will be more interiors you can go into than ever before, you'l…

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    Red Dead Redemption

    April 8, 2012 by Anvil Sykes

    My reasons why this game tops other rockstar games;

    • amazing storyline that doesnt end quickly, but is just the right length.
    • the best multiplayer compared to any other game on this planet.
    • great characters, that get represented in so many different ways, making you connect with them. An example is that when Luisa died, a part of me died :(
    • awesome map, with all the right features, that dont get overworked, like the train tracks, animals that behave realisticaly, and the 'random encounters' that make the game unpredictable and give the player more of a chance to chose between good and evil.
    • online interactions, sounds a bit weird, but what I mean is that that through RDR the way that you can interact with other online players is great, ive met s…
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