Three's a Crowd
Name: Three's a Crowd
Game: GTA IV
From: Roman Bellic
Location(s): Hove Beach, Broker
Reward(s): An outfit for free
Conditions of mission failure: Roman's cab destroyed

Mallorie and Michelle's death

Unlocks: First Date, Bleed Out, Clothing Store
Unlocked by: It's Your Call
Three's a Crowd Is a mission in GTA IV given to main protagonist Niko Bellic by his Cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot in Hove Beach, Broker.

In this mission Roman tells Niko to go pickup his girlfriend Mallorie and her friend Michelle from the subway.

Game IntroductionsEdit

This mission introduces Niko and the player to the girlfriends concept, in other words Michelle and clothing of the game.

Mission WalkthroughEdit

After getting a desperate text message from Roman, Niko rushes to his cab depot only to find him getting beaten up by the loan sharks, Bledar Morina and Dardan patrella the guys he owed money to, Niko beats and chases them off and also breaks Dardan's arm too. Roman then recieves a call from Mallorie who wants to be picked up with her friend from the subway, Afterwards, Roman tells Niko to go pick up Mallorie and her friend Michelle from the subway and drive them back to Michelle's apartment.

The player must get in Roman's Taxi and follow the GPS route to reach the Subway. After arriving to the subway Niko must sound the horn to pick up the girls. When the girls get in the cab, Mallorie introduces Niko to Michelle and suggest they both go out on a date, Michelle and Niko both exchange numbers to hang out sometime, Mallorie also tells Niko to but new clothes as his current are very dirty.

After the player takes the girls to Michelle's apartment, Niko will call Roman telling him that he needs new clothes, Roman suggest to go to a Russian clothing store in Mohawk. The player then has to go to the clothing and can have item for free, the player then must exit the shop, completing the mission.

Mission TasksEdit

The player must must follow the following objectives to complete the mission:

  • Pick up Mallorie and Michelle at the subway station.
  • Take the girls to Michelle's appartment.
  • Go to the Russian clothes shop on Mohawk.
  • Buy new clothes.

Mission RewardsEdit

There is no monetary reward for completing this mission, although the player does get a purchaseable item in the Russian clothing shop for free and unlocks the missions First Date for Michelle and Bleed Out for Roman Bellic.

Video WalkthroughEdit

GTA 4 - Mission 3 - Three's a Crowd (1080p)06:06

GTA 4 - Mission 3 - Three's a Crowd (1080p)



  • This mission marks the first appearance of Michelle in GTA IV.
  • In the mission Roman's Sorrow, Roman blames Niko it was his fault his computer got smashed, even though it wasn't his because Dardan push the computer to the floor.
  • If the player fights a pedestrian or has the cop after him before reaching the marker, Mallorie and Michelle will defend Niko.

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