"As a member of a gang of international smugglers, it's your job to evade the U.S. border patrol, CIA and cutthroat rivals to deliver illegal cargo."
―Original game's website description.
Smuggler's Run
Name: Smuggler's Run
Genre(s): Racing
Developer(s): Rockstar San Diego
Series run: 2000-2002
First release: Smuggler's Run
Latest release: Smuggler's Run: Warzones

Smuggler's Run is a racing games series developed by Rockstar San Diego (then "Angel Studios") and published by Rockstar Games.


The game is mainly focused on racing. The player plays as a smuggler who has a number of different vehicles at his disposal including dune buggies, rally cars, and military vehicles. The vehicles are used to smuggle assorted cargo through three different large, open levels.




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