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This following list contains storyline, asset missions, and side missions in order to get 100% completion in GTA Vice City. There are a total of 57 missions combined with the assets mission and storyline missions.

Storyline MissionsEdit


Sonny Forelli

Ken Rosenberg

Avery Carrington

  • Four Iron - Kill Avery's real state rival.
  • Demolition Man - Blow up a construction site using an RC helicopter.

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez

Ricardo Diaz

Avery Carrington

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez 

Kent Paul

  • Death Row - Rescue Lance Vance and take him to a hospital.

Tommy Vercetti

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez

Umberto Robina

Auntie Poulet

Umberto Robina

Love Fist

Mitch Baker

Love Fist

Tommy Vercetti

Print Works

Tommy Vercetti

Asset MissionsEdit

NOTE: After completing all of the assets mission strands, Tommy will get a phone call from Ken to go to the Printworks to progress to the final chapter in the storyline in GTA Vice City.


Cherry Poppper Ice Cream Factory

Pole Postion Club

  • Spend $500 in the "Dance Room".

Sunshine Autos

Kaufman Kabs

InterGlobal Film Studios

Malibu Club

Phil Cassidy

Print Works

Pay Phone/Assasination MissionsEdit

Mr. Black

Side MissionsEdit

Odd Job MissionsEdit

Rifle RangeEdit

  • Earn 45 points or more in the shooting range.

Remote Controlled Vehicle MissionsEdit

Sparrow MissionsEdit

Off-Road MissionsEdit

Street RacesEdit

Hyman Memorial Stadium MissionsEdit



Upon completing GTA VIce City 100%, the he player will be given the following rewards:

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