The protangonist is the main playable character.

Daniel LambEdit

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Daniel Lamb was a former scientist for the "Project", until he volunteered for an experiment that went wrong which ended with him being locked away in Asylum Dixmor Asylum for the Criminally Insane for six years. After a power failure and a riot, Danny was able to escape in the chaos, not remembering anything about his past. Once back on the streets, Danny is forced to kill his way past multiple hitmen sent by the Project to take him out, as he tries to remember who he was and what happened to him six years ago.

Leo KasperEdit

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Leo Kasper was Daniel's "second personality", a former goverment hitman, who's personality was implanted in Daniel's mind. Leo helps Danny as he escapes and convinces Danny to fight back and kill anyone the Project sends after them.

Major CharactersEdit

Major characters play an important role in the story and appear amny times.

Dr. PickmanEdit

Pickman Dr. Pickman is the head scientist for the Project and former co-worker of Daniel. It's Pickman that sends out the hitmen after Daniel, mainly to take down Leo.

Dr. WhyteEdit

Whyte Dr. Whyte is another scientist working for the Project and former co-worker of Daniel. Whyte used to be Daniel's lab partner and disapproves of Pickman's solution by trying to have Danny killed and believes he can be cured with multiple sessions to maintain Danny as the superior personality and later block out Leo.