Liberty City is a fictional city in Rockstar Games series, Grand Theft Auto. It is based primarily on New York City. There have been a different incarnation's of the city that have appeared on various eras of the series.

The Grand Theft Auto rendition portrayed the city as geographically similar to New York City, composing of two major islands. The Grand Theft Auto III and its era rendition is portrayed as loosely based on New York City that consists of elements of other American cities. The Grand Theft Auto IV rendition is much more closely resemble of New York City, with its landmarks and places similar to the real New York City.

Liberty City is located in the same fictional universe as Vice City, Carcer City, Bullworth, Los Santos, and San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto RenditionEdit

Main article: Liberty City in GTA 1

Grand Theft Auto III Era RenditionEdit

Main article: Liberty City in GTA III Era

Grand Theft Auto IV Era Rendition Edit

Main article: Liberty City in GTA IV Era

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