Isiah Friedlander
Name: Isiah Friedlander
Also known as/Alias(es): Dr. Friedlander
Appearance(s): GTA V
Gender: Male
Status: determinant
Date of death: 2013
Voiced by: Bryan Scott Johnson

Isiah Friedlander is Michael De Santa's therapist, his office/home is located in Del Perro Beach, Los Santos. A session with him costs $500, later $1000. A family session costs $4000.


At the end of the game he reveals he can't be Michael's therapist anymore, and that he wants to become a TV star. Then he takes off in his car, Michael can either choose to chase him and kill him or he can choose to spare him. If the player chooses to spare him there will later be a report on Weazel News stating that one of his patients have killed him. It is possible for Friedlander to escape

Mission AppearancesEdit

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