Hung Out To Dry
Name: Hung Out To Dry
Game: GTA IV
From: Vlad
Location(s): Hove Beach, Broker
Target(s): Laundry Owner
Reward(s): $100
Conditions of mission failure: Laundry owner escapes
Unlocks: Clean Getaway
Unlocked by: Bull in a China Shop
Hung Out To Dry is a mission in GTA IV given to main protegonist Niko Bellic by Vlad from the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach, Broker. In this mission Vlad sent to collect protectionmoney from a man who owns a laundry that is not paying him back.

Mission WalkthroughEdit

Mission TasksEdit

Video WalkthroughEdit

GTA 4 - Mission 9 - Hung Out to Dry (1080p)03:33

GTA 4 - Mission 9 - Hung Out to Dry (1080p)



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