The Grand Theft Auto world is a made up world containing the locations for various GTA games for example Liberty City Vice City and San Andreas (state) and Carcer City were Manhunt is set. It is assumed that the rest of the real world exists within the made up world without New York Miami or Los Angele's Los Vegas or San Francisco. Continuity is important for all GTA games. as it makes a believable universe

A map selection screen in the first Grand Theft Auto reveals that the contemporary renditions of Liberty City Vice City and San Andreas are located in New York California and Florida it is unclear whether these locations are canon with the rest of the series, however it is known Vice City is in Florida.

Furthermore, during one mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the player could fly eastwards to Liberty City this is accurate considering the geographical locations of New York and California and Nevada

In-between game "eras" the recurring locations of GTA games appear very differently. for insistence the Liberty City in the first GTA has nothing in common with the Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III

Liberty City Edit

Liberty City is Based on New york City and has appeared in Grand Theft Auto 1 Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories and Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars it is generally depicted as a big city with a large population (4 million in Grand Theft Auto III double that in Grand Theft Auto IV) featuring a vast Transpotation network of Railroads Highways

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