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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories PSP boxart
Name: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Developer(s): Rockstar Leeds
Rockstar North
Publisher(s): Rockstar Games
Release date: PSP

NA October 31, 2006

UK November 3, 2006

EU November 10, 2006

AUS November 10, 2006


NA March 6, 2007

PAL March 9, 2007

Platform(s): PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 2
Series: Grand Theft Auto
Protagonist: Victor Vance
Date takes place: 1984
Location: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is a sandbox style action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds and was first released in October 31, 2006 for PSP and later in March 6, 2007 for Playstation 2.

The game explores the events of 1984 in Vice City that happened before the events of Vice City take place in 1986. The story also features Victor Vance the brother of Lance Vance who got killed during the drug deal in the Beggining of GTA Vice City as Protagonist.


The game's protagonist, Victor Vance joins the army in order to sustain the medical bills of his sick brother, Pete. However his boss, Sergeant Jerry Martinez orders Vic to pick up a "package" for him, hide it in his bed and taking a prostitute to the Air Base which leads to Victor being discharged from the army.

After being Kicked out of the U.S Army Vic is given jobs by an associate of Martinez, Phil Cassidy. Vic helps out Phil in many Jobs Nand yet again his old boss Martinez steal a shipment of weapons. Vic later meets Phil's brother in law and leader of the Trailer Park Mafia Marty Jay Williams and his wife Louise. Vic quickly becomes annoyed by Marty the first time they meet when sees his harsh towards his wife and daughter, but he still helps him Marty increase the power of his gang by taking over many businesses for him . Marty's wife louise late gets tired of his bad treatment to her and her baby Mary-Joe and moves out in to her sister's Marry Beth's apartment. Later she calls Vic to go in her sister's apartment, when Vic arrives she expresses her dissapointment in many of the things she is done but Vic decides to help her bring sense to her life, from that point on the two become romantically involved with each other.

Meanwhile, Phil Cassidy calls Vic one last time to come to his depot, there Vic yet again meets his old superior officer Jerry Martinez who sents both him and Phil to a warehouse in Little Haiti to check if his merchandise was all there, the merchandise turned out to be trap from Martinez, Vic and Phil survive the ambush, Phil then decides to go into hiding , while Vic decides to not do that. Later Marty decides to kidnap louise and turn her out, but vic chases him, kills him and rescues Louise. After Marty's death Louise suggest vic to take over Marty's business, Vic agrees to do it, he then uses some backup from Louise and takes the last of Marty's man and his business.

Victor later gets a message to go and meet someone in Escobar International Airport, the person turns out to be none other than his brother Lance. Vic is really surprised from his brother's arrival and dissagrees with him staying, but Lance begs him to give him a chance until Vic does. On the way of leaving the Airport Vic and Lance aare ambushed by some Cholos who were angry at Vic for his interference in their operations, but they manage to evade them. Lance later becomes an associate of Bryan Forbes.


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