Easy Fare
Name: Easy Fare
Game: GTA IV
From: Roman Bellic
Location(s): Hove Beach, Broker
Reward(s): $100
Conditions of mission failure: Player's Death

Player busted Jermaine's death
Roman's destroyed

Unlocks: Bull in a China Shop, Jamaican Heat
Unlocked by: Bleed Out
Easy Fare is a mission in GTA IV given to Main protagonist Niko Bellic by his Cousin Roman Bellic from his cab depot in Hove Beach, Broker.

In this mission Niko has to dirve one of roman's regulars Jermaine Andrews to Masterson St. in Hove Beach.

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GTA 4 - Mission 6 - Easy Fare (1080p)

GTA 4 - Mission 6 - Easy Fare (1080p)