In GTA IV, the player enter cheats by numbers being entered on phone.

There is a wide array of cheats available for the Rockstar games on most major platforms.


The player should be advised that, due to the nature of cheats, they are used at the player's own risk. It is advisable to keep a back-up save game, due to the risk of a cheat code having adverse effects on the player's save file. Also the player needs to be aware that some of the cheats are irrevocable; most of the cheats will be deactivated if the player types in the cheat once more, but certain cheats are not deactivated, no matter how many times the player types them in. Also, in certain GTA games, using cheats degrade the player's criminal rating, and prevent a player from fully completing a game.

Except for Chinatown Wars, all iOS games have no cheat system.

List of cheatsEdit

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