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List of main and supporting characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Luis Fernando LopezEdit

Central CharactersEdit

Anthony Gay Tony PrinceEdit

Yusuf AmirEdit


Ray BulgarinEdit


Rocco PelosiEdit

Main CharactersEdit

Mori KibbutzEdit

Armando TorresEdit

Henrique BardasEdit

Adriana Yanira LopezEdit

Brucie KibbutzEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

Gracie AncelottiEdit

Vince PelosiEdit

Eva MossEdit

Roman BellicEdit

Patrick McRearyEdit



Niko BellicEdit

Johnny KlebitzEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Abdul AmirEdit

The CelebinatorEdit


Ahmed  KhalilEdit

Billy GreyEdit

Galina BulgarinEdit

Derrick McRearyEdit

Michael KeaneEdit

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