Bleed Out
Name: Bleed Out
Game: GTA IV
From: Roman Bellic
Location(s): Firefly Projects, Broker
Target(s): Dardan Patrella

Kalem Vulaj
Bledar Morina

Reward(s): $50
Conditions of mission failure: Roman dies

Player's death
Roman's taxi destroyed

Unlocks: Easy Fare. frienship with Roman
Unlocked by: Three's a Crowd
Bleed Out is a mission in GTA IV given to main protagonist Niko Bellic by his cousin Roman Bellic. In this mission the Niko must rescue roman from the loan sharks he owes money to.

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GTA 4 - Mission 5 - Bleed Out (1080p)-0

GTA 4 - Mission 5 - Bleed Out (1080p)-0